Making Good Beverages Great!


The Cascade Candi Company produces handcrafted customized syrup blends and flavorings for all beer brewers, cider makers and anyone interested in bringing a high quality unique flavor to your favorite beverages. Our syrups are made with 100% pure cane sugar for purity and provide incredible flavor.  Once you try our products you'll agree, we make good beverages great!

Our company can produce syrups and flavorings in quantities to meet all needs - from those of a one barrel brewer to the largest breweries.  Visit our Wholesale page for details.


Just in time for your Winter brewing pleasure, the Cascade Beer Candi Company
has several syrups for your Fall & Winter enjoyment.

Traditional Belgian Candi Syrups

The Cascade Beer Candi Company produces syrups that will add unique flavors to your handcrafted beer. Our syrups are made with 100% pure cane sugar for purity and incredible flavor. Each small batch of handmade syrup is slow cooked to give your beer a distinct flavor, such as toffee, vanilla, plums and raisins. We produce Clear, Blonde, Amber and Dark-style syrups. These products can be used to fortify any beer, such as Imperial IPAs, English-style strong ales and your favorite Belgian-style beers.