Thai Ginger Molasses Candi Syrup

Quantity:  One (1) Pound

SRM-18 (PPG)-1.032: We use our Thai ginger candi syrup, then add molasses, giving you a ginger bread cookie flavor. This is a great addition to any stout or holiday beer.

Thai Ginger Molasses Candi Syrup

  • Since brewing recipe ingredients vary by style, we recommend using up to one (1) pound of our flavored Candi syrup per five gallons of wort during primary fermentation. To get the best flavor and aroma in your beer, you should add the syrup just after high krausen while the yeast is most active & healthy.  Begin by stirring in 1/2 lb of flavored syrup. Allow for fermentation, and then taste the fermented beer. You can add more syrup to attain your desired flavor and aroma.

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